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The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County supports candidates for public office, promotes libertarian solutions to the needs of our communities, and defends the principles of individual rights and economic freedom. For more information please explore the various sections of this web site, or contact us by e-mail at membership@scclp.org.



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    Mixed Results on Propositions/Measures

    [Updated 2 December] With several weeks of counting behind us, election results in California are still preliminary but close to complete. Reviewing the propositions and measures on which the LP of Santa Clara County made a recommendation, it seems that on most subjects the voters agreed with us. Unfortunately, on questions of taxation and bonds (which must be paid back through taxes), for the most part the voters disagreed with us, passing almost all of them.

    Voters agreed with us on 7 out of 9 of the non-tax/bond questions on which we took a position (all results shown as yes/no percentages):

    Proposition 16, which would have allowed government to discriminate by race, sex, etc., failed 43%/57%.

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    November 2020 Libertarian Winners

    Early returns indicate that more than 20 Libertarian candidates won election this month across the country, including six in California.

    This includes one elected to the state legislature in Wyoming, and about a dozen elected to city/town councils.

    Here's the latest list:


    Marshall Burt - Wyoming House District 39

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