The Libertarian Party is Organized at the National, State, and Local Levels

The Libertarian Party is a nationwide party with organizations at all levels.


The Libertarian of Santa Clara County serves to organize activities in our county. Local Libertarians meet regularly (currently via Zoom) for both formal meetings to conduct official business and informal gatherings. The LP SCC holds an annual meeting each January to elect our officers, who then manage routine party business at the county level.


The Libertarian Party of California manages party business at the state level. Dues-paying members from all across the state gather each spring for the annual State Convention. This convention elects state-level officers and other members of the state Executive Committee for the coming year.


Delegates from all across the country gather every two years for the National Convention, which considers amendments to the party's Platform and Bylaws and elects members of the Libertarian National Committee. Every four years, this convention also nominates our candidates for President and Vice President.

You can be part of this growing organization, as a local volunteer, by attending the state convention, and by becoming a delegate to the national convention.


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