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The Santa Clara County Libertarian Party’s primary purpose is to elect and support Libertarian candidates, to all levels of elective office within the county as well as jurisdictional areas that overlap county boundaries, that promotes freedom by engaging in political and information activities within the County of Santa Clara in the State of California.

You have the chance to help make liberty win. It will take every single person who wants to see a free and prosperous nation.  If you'd like to get involved in a leadership role or as a volunteer or contributor, please contact us today!



The Proposition to repeal the Gas Tax (SB1) has been certified for the November ballot. That means we have a real shot at overturning Sacramento's money grab for special projects. So far they have spent over $3 Billion Dollars on transportation project in Southern California. Your gas taxes are being spent on new rail roads, Amtrak trains, LA light rail trains, buses, and even high speed rail, but not on roads in Santa Clara County.

Help us stop this money grab, by donating to our marketing campaign. We will be doing radio ads and Facebook videos to get the word out to vote YES to the GasTax Repeal ballot measure. Together, we can finally stop a crazy train tax in California!

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    News from our Neighbors

    News, Events, and Activism from our Libertarian Party Neighbors in the nine county Bay Area region.

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    From the Front Lines

    Last weekend the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County was proud to participate in the San Jose Pride Parade and Festival, which received one of its largest turnouts in its history.  While several candidates and elected officials were present, The Libertarian Party was the only political party who participated in the festival. The parade was covered by several news agencies, including KPIX Channel 5 who captured some video of us in action as we reminded everyone that we have been supporting LGBT issues since the parties conception, in 1971.  One of our buttons asked, “Where’s your party been?” to remind the left leaning attendees that the Democratic party did not add equality for the LGBT community until 2012, after the Supreme Court affirmed same sex marriage.

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