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The Santa Clara County Libertarian Party’s primary purpose is to elect and support Libertarian candidates, to all levels of elective office within the county as well as jurisdictional areas that overlap county boundaries, that promotes freedom by engaging in political and information activities within the County of Santa Clara in the State of California.

You have the chance to help make liberty win. It will take every single person who wants to see a free and prosperous nation.  If you'd like to get involved in a leadership role or as a volunteer or contributor, please contact us today!

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    The position of Santa Clara County Sheriff is one of the more critical for the Libertarian Party to focus on. The sheriff sets our law-enforcement priorities and the culture of our peace officers with regards to such things as our 2nd rights and chooses how and whether to implement surveillance. While it’s unlikely we will see a Libertarian Sheriff candidate soon, weighing in our with opinions and casting our votes will help set a climate within our county that is more liberty embracing.  There are five candidates running for Sheriff: five-term incumbent Sheriff Laurie Smith, John Hirokawa, Joe La Jeunesse, Martin Monica, and Jose Salcido.  All five attended a recent forum hosted by the Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council on Monday, May 14th, 2018. The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County cannot endorse any of the candidates running for Sheriff this year, but as Chair, I can offer my own observations from the recent forum.

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    Featured Candidate: Bob Goodwyn

    In a modest corner of Sunnyvale Bob Goodwyn has quietly supported the Libertarian Party for many years.  Recently retired from years as a dedicated pilot, Bob flew for one of the smaller community focused commercial airlines and taught flying lessons for many years out of both Reed-Hillview and Palo Alto municipal airports.  Bob represents all the qualities you want in a pilot, he’s dedicated, calm, calculated with his moves but quick with his mind, and has the kind of voice that can say “turbulence” without making you feel nervous.

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