Winning Elections By Influencing People

I watched an on-line campaign training seminar sponsored by American Majority on March 23, 2023. The title of the seminar was "Win elections by Influencing People".

I did not attempt to keep notes on the entire conference. But I would like to share a few highlights from it.

Here is "The Number one issue that voters use to decide whom to vote for: Which candidate cares the most about ME."

The second nugget I heard was "Campaigns are a team sport."

My additional comment on that comment: If you are a Libertarian, but you don't support a Libertarian nominee because you only agree with 75% of what the candidate says, then you are not a team player. The time to get your favorite Libertarian as the nominee is during the primary process. After a candidate is nominated, you need to focus on helping the candidate win. If you are only focused on making sure the candidate talks about X because you care about X, then you are not a team player.

The next good point the presenter made was: "20,000 people at a rally is not the same as winning an election."

My additional comment: This applies if your universe has a population of more than 150,000. If you are running for City Council in a town of 70,000, then getting 20,000 SUPPORTERS at a rally for your candidate means that your candidate will probably win. Note - protesters are not SUPPORTERS.

And finally: "Instagram is the best social media platform for building relationships. Especially with people under the age of 40."

Scott Lieberman is a Libertarian Party activist who lives in Los Gatos. He is currently serving as Campaigns Chair of the LP of Santa Clara County.

The seminar mentioned here was sponsored by an organization that describes its mission as training "conservatives". But that doesn't mean we can't learn lessons from them that will be useful in our campaigns. More information about their training sessions can be found at:

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