Santa Clara County delegates help shape state Libertarian Party, endorse 2024 candidates

Party adopts resolution marking anniversary of Russo-Ukrainian war escalation

SUNNYVALE, Calif.— In anticipation of the first anniversary of Russia’s escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian war, Santa Clara County resident Ed Wimmers initiated adoption by the Libertarian Party of California of this anti-intervention resolution:

We support the withdrawal of the U.S. from NATO. We oppose taxpayer funds being spent on the war between Russia and Ukraine.

The party adopted the resolution over Presidents Day weekend in Sacramento, where twelve other Santa Clara County Libertarian Party (LPSCC) members joined Wimmers as delegates to the annual state convention.

“During a war, it’s a natural tendency to assume there are good guys and bad guys,” explained Wimmers, a software engineer and former LPSCC chairman. “But often, reality is more complicated than that. With Russia’s violent escalation set to hit the one-year mark, I felt it important that our party reaffirm our opposition to potentially risky interference by the U.S.”

The party’s platform calls for the U.S. to maintain “a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression,” but to “avoid entangling alliances,” and to “end the current…government policies of foreign intervention including military and economic aid.” (

Among the longtime local delegates were Purissima Hills Water District Director Brian Holtz and former national LP Chairman Mary Gingell. Janice Mackenzie, a retiree and Libertarian mom, was attending for only the second time, having joined the LP after observing her son’s years of enthusiasm for its principles and practical solutions.

“Even though I use a cane to get around, I truly believe it is important to attend political conventions in person—where I know my vote counts!” said Mackenzie. “It was terrific to chat with [N.Y. gubernatorial candidate] Larry Sharpe and [2020 Libertarian vice-presidential nominee] Spike Cohen, and to see younger delegates questioning everything and exploring new options.”

Delegates officially endorsed three Santa Clara County residents who have declared their candidacy for 2024: Alan Kaiser of Palo Alto for State Senate, District 13; Mark Hinkle of Morgan Hill for State Senate, District 15; and Joe Dehn of Sunnyvale for U.S. House, District 17.

Dehn explained that his motivation in running is to offer voters a choice they won't get from the other parties, as a candidate who would “put an end to the federal government's meddling in everything everywhere, both domestically and internationally.” Echoing Wimmers’s resolution, he said, “The libertarian ideal is ‘live and let live,’ and our goal is to spread that ideal across the world through unfettered commerce and peaceful relations with the people of all nations.”

Convention events included a debate between two early entrants to the 2024 presidential race, Lars Mapstead and Chase Oliver; keynote speeches by Joe Quirk, president of the Seasteading Institute, and Connor Boyack, author of the Tuttle Twins books about freedom for kids; and business sessions including officer reports, changes to bylaws, and election of officers for the coming term.

Santa Clara County residents are invited to join the LP, which since its 1971 founding has carried a unique membership requirement. Each member must certify that, “I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.” (