2024 General Election

The next General Election will be held in November 2024 -- but it's time to start getting ready!

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The year 2024 will of course be a presidential election year, and there will be Libertarian candidates for president and vice-president on the November ballot.

But this is also when almost all city and other local offices will be up for election!

These local governments have power over your life, through the regulations they adopt, the amount of money they take from you through taxes, and how they spend that money. Help keep them under control by voting for the candidates who promise to tax less, spend less, and generally leave you to live your life in peace.

To find out in which districts you live, use this handy lookup tool on the Registrar of Voters web site:

District Lookup Page

To find out how you can run for one of these offices, contact Scott Lieberman, our Campaigns Chair, at: [email protected]

Propositions and Ballot Measures

Libertarian Party of Santa Cara County Positions on Statewide Propositions:

Note: These have not yet been assigned the "proposition numbers" by which they will appear on the ballot.

  • YES on Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act
  • NO on creation of a "Fast Food Council"
  • NO on income tax increase to fund pandemic projects
  • NO on restrictions on location of oil/gas wells
  • NO on increase in minimum wage

If you would like to help us with campaigns relating to these measures, contact us at: [email protected]

Candidates for Public Office

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County has endorsed the following candidates expected to be running in 2024:

  • Gail Lightfoot - U.S Senate
  • Joe Dehn - U.S. House of Representatives, District 17
  • Alan Kaiser - State Senate, District 13
  • Mark Hinkle - State Senate, District 15