County Party Elects Leadership for 2024

At their annual meeting on 10 February 2024, members of the Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County elected leaders for the coming year.

Joe Dehn, of Sunnyvale, who has served as county Chair since 2019, was re-elected for another term. Mark Hinkle, of Morgan Hill, was re-elected as Vice-Chair, Brian Holtz, of Los Altos Hills, was-re-elected as Secretary, and Alan Kaiser, of Palo Alto, was re-elected as Treasurer.

Elected to chair the standing committees were: Activities - Bob Goodwyn of Sunnyvale; Campaigns - Scott Lieberman of Los Gatos; Fundraising - Mary Gingell of Sunnyvale; Membership - Sal Robles of San Jose; Publicity - Elizabeth Brierly of San Jose. County chair Joe Dehn was elected to additionally serve as chair of the Newsletter committee.

The nine individuals elected to officer positions at this meeting will also make up the county organization's Executive Committee, responsible for management of party affairs between meetings of the Central Committee.

Members also elected the party's three-person Judicial Committee, responsible for resolving any controversies that may arise regarding challenges to actions of the officers or interpretation of the party's bylaws. They are: Jim Bertonis, of Los Gatos; John Inks, of Mountain View; and Bill White, of Los Altos.