Issue: School Choice

Libertarian Party of California Program Plank

The education of a child is the responsibility of the parents, yet the government
monopoly of the education system has attempted to standardize education for all
children. Handing the power of forming the thinking patterns of children to an
organization whose pattern to abuse its power does not bode well for the state or
local communities to flourish. Its funding through tax dollars stolen from those
communities reduces resources that might be used to create choices for parents,
and parallel systems to the current public/government education system.

The responses of school districts to the Covid situation have merely highlighted for
parents the fact that not all children learn the same way. Distance learning co-
opted the education system during the pandemic, showing parents the often low
quality of the education their children are receiving, that it wastes time, and is filled
with incorrect, inappropriate, and politically charged information that they don't
want being forced onto their child.

Parents express concerns over where their tax dollars have been going, to produce
what they deem inadequate preparation for college or other post-secondary school
pursuits. This has led to a surge in parents pulling their children from government
schools and filing Private School Affidavits.

The Libertarian Party of California:

  • Supports Families forming individual or group homeschool co-ops
  • Supports Families and individuals forming private and charter schools
  • Supports Non-conventional options in a growing and diverse education
  • Supports School Choice movements, such as The Educational Freedom Act Initiative


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