Issue: School Taxes

LP SCC Positions on November 2022 Ballot Measures

  • NO on Measure M - Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District parcel tax
  • NO on Measure O - Campbell Union High School District parcel tax


LPSCC Draft Positions

Following are position statements drafted by members of the LPSCC Platform Committee, to be considered for adoption by the central committee. They are not yet official positions of the county party.

We advocate the Separation of Education and State. As with other vital components of our culture and economy, education is best provided through the free market. Taxes imposed on property owners and others, unrelated to their family's use of government schools, are unjust and perpetuate a stagnant and outmoded approach to education. As an interim measure, we support "school choice" proposals, such as tax credits, that are designed to facilitate a transition to privately-funded alternatives and a reduction in burden on the taxpayers, in contrast to ones that will maintain or increase dependence on tax funding. School districts that are experiencing increased enrollment should encourage families to switch to private alternatives rather than using tax money to build more schools. Districts that are experiencing decreased enrollment should sell surplus property to private enterprises that can make more effective use of them, as schools or for any other purpose.

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