Issue: Public Planning

LPSCC Draft Positions

Following are position statements drafted by members of the LPSCC Platform Committee, to be considered for adoption by the central committee. They are not yet official positions of the county party.

  • We believe public planning is best left to natural forces, which though sometime rough, will produce the best of results for the most part, a design and complexity far beyond the usual schemes of local government associates.
  • We believe public planning is an anachronism left over from the industrialization of European megacities and should not be a function of any government, most notably our several towns of fewer than 100k residents.
  • Side-effects of heavy planning are more destructive than if no government agency is involved.  We seek to ultimately disband all municipal planning departments and leave organic-style neighborhood planning to the community of the people.
  • We oppose the development and usage of Master Plans and Stakeholder voting for controlling residency and business activities.


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May not represent official positions of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County unless so indicated.