Resolutions and Proposition Endorsements by Central Committee

Following is a summary of positions taken on issues by the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County Central Committee at its meeting of 8 April:



Endorsements of Propositions to Appear on the November 2024 Ballot

  • YES on the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act
  • NO on the income tax increase supposedly to pay for pandemic measures
  • NO on the minimum wage increase to $18/hr (plus inflation)
  • NO on additional restrictions on the location of gas and oil wells
  • NO on the creation of a "Fast Food Council"

Note: Although these proposals have qualified to appear on the ballot, they have not yet been assigned "proposition numbers". For those numbers, when they become available, and other updates regarding LP SCC endorsements for the 2024 election, see the 2024 General Election page.