Issue: Tobacco

LP SCC Resolution on AB935

Whereas AB 935 would ban sale of tobacco products to individuals born after 1 January 2007;

Whereas such a ban would violate the fundamental rights of the individuals subject to it;

Whereas such a ban would represent discrimination based on age among adult residents of California;

Whereas past bans on various drugs, including tobacco, have not solved the problems relating to those drugs;

Whereas such bans have typically instead led to the growth of black markets with additional health risks beyond those posed by the drugs themselves, increased rates of violent crime, and increased costs to consumers, the burden of which fall most heavily on those least able to pay; and

Whereas the Libertarian Party has for many of these reasons consistently called for the elimination of government restrictions on all drugs;

Therefore, be it resolved, that

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County urges the legislature to reject AB 935

[Adopted 8 April 2023]


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