Resolution Regarding Imhoff Memberships

Resolution of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County
Regarding the membership suspension of Robert and Jennifer Imhoff
Adopted by the County Central Committee, November 23, 2019

Whereas the Libertarian Party of California (LPC) Executive Committee conducted a secret trial to suspend the memberships of Robert and Jennifer Imhoff on August 10, 2019; and

Whereas the historical procedure has generally been to conduct membership suspensions in open session; and

Whereas the LPC has failed to either state the specific reason for the suspension or provide any evidence in support of their decision; and

Whereas those suspensions have disrupted the operations of the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County by removing both the county Chair and the county Treasurer, thereby severely restricting access to the bank accounts and other assets of the county party; and

Whereas Robert and Jennifer Imhoff, one of the most active Libertarian Party couples in California, were the driving force behind most county party outreach activities, such as:

1. Mountain View Art & Wine Festival
2. City of Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival
3. Morgan Hill Mushroom Mardi Gras
4. The monthly coffee meetups
5. Christmas in the Park (San Jose)
6. Rose, White and Blue Parade (4th of July, San Jose)
7. Outreach to registered Libertarian voters
8. The 4th of July membership BBQ
9. Berryessa Art & Wine Festival (San Jose)
10. Code of the West Gun Show booths
11. Campaigns by both of them for non-partisan offices (San Jose)
12. Sleeping Bags for the Homeless (San Jose)
13. Writing ballot arguments against local tax increase measures; and

Whereas Robert and Jennifer Imhoff were the driving force behind county party infrastructure activities, such as:

1. All fund-raising activities in support of the county party
2. The membership database and membership recruitment
3. The county party web site
4. Filing of California FPPC required forms
5. Administration of the county party Facebook page
6. Posting to the county party Meetup page
7. Maintenance of the county party Twitter account
8. Maintenance of the county party Instagram account; and

Whereas Robert and Jennifer Imhoff were the driving force behind most county party media activities, such as:

1. The protest against the gun show ban at the County Fairgrounds and attendant TV media coverage
2. The campaign to keep Reid-Hillview Airport open
3. The writing of the op-ed published in San Jose Inside against San Jose's gun restrictions;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County requests that the Libertarian Party of California restore the LPC memberships of both Robert and Jennifer Imhoff; and

Furthermore, we request that the LPC convention delegates update the LPC Bylaws to require all future membership suspensions be conducted in open session.