Libertarian Reasons to Recall the Governor

The recall of Governor Gavin Newsom is being supported by many different groups. Both the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County and the Libertarian Party of California are among them. However, not everybody is pushing for the Governor to be removed from office for the same reasons.  Following are some reasons why Libertarians should support this recall:

Imposition of Draconian Rules Relating to the Pandemic:

- violations of fundamental rights
- serious economic damage that other states/countries avoided
- rules that don't even make sense scientifically
- setting bad precedents, out of line with other emergencies
- hypocritically imposing rules that he himself doesn't follow
Incompetent Management of Programs Relating to the Pandemic:
- billions in unemployment funds sent to ineligible people
- millions spent on wasteful "education" (propaganda) efforts
- millions spent on faulty protective equipment
- millions spent on unneeded treatment facilities
- inefficient and slow distribution of available vaccines
He Supports Taxes and Government Spending in General:
- one of the highest state income taxes in the nation
- one of the highest sales taxes in the nation
- one of the highest property tax levels in the nation
- one of the highest vehicle registration fees in the nation
- highest gas taxes in the nation
- attempting to undermine Prop 13
- proposed new wealth tax
- government debt and unfunded liabilities now up to $1.5 trillion
He Supports Other Things that Damage Our Rights and Economy:
- AB5 attack on gig work
- attacks on right to keep and bear arms
- mandatory health insurance
- bullet train to nowhere
- threatened state takeover of PG&E
- energy-related mandates, e.g., ending sale of gas-powered cars
- rent control