Holiday Gift Guide 2018


Don't know what to get the Libertarians on your holiday list? We've got you covered! Our holiday gift guide has suggestions for every type of libertarian on your shopping list. It is also a great wish list for you to send to your loved ones who need a hint or two. 

Stocking Stuffers

Help fit in with the growing population of those raised on participation awards with these adult awards .


Every Californian should be prepared while dining out with one of these reusable straws that conveniently come in a freedom case!


Use these tip cards to remind your server that their cash tip is nontaxable! These clever cards also help encourage informed voters to understand where their philosophies align. "This is not a TIP" Quiz (fold-over card for your server)


And don't forget to conceal all these goodies in your 2nd Amendment Stocking 



For the Everyday Libertarian 



Give yourself a daily reminder of what rights are at stake with this disappearing bill of rights mug. Watch your liberties disappear before your eyes when you add hot liquids to this mug! 

Fill your morning mug of disappearing rights with the taste of taxation with this Teas of the Boston Tea Party set. As a bonus for history buffs, the set also comes with details on how many chests of each tea were destroyed, brewing directions and flavor profiles, and uncommon facts about tea in early America. 

This Liberty Maniac shirt says it as succinctly as possible. "I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns" 

Missed the Santa Clara County's private screening of the Little Pink House? Maybe you saw it and now you want to share this DVD.  Little Pink House is an engaging film with an important message about government overreach, well worth watching, that any libertarian should appreciate. (watch the trailer here)


Until all of our liberties are secured, we need to secure our belongings. Gain a better understanding of security by learning how locks work with this lock picking learning kit. But remember: don’t steal; the government hates competition!

Let your dinner guests know "Yeah, I drink from a plastic straw! You gonna arrest me?" with this Straw ban shirt.

Start your morning with the fresh smell of freedom with Freedom Soap 

Have yourself a Murray Christmas with this Rothbard anarchist (AnCap) shirt

Put your cookies for Santa out on this TANSTAAFL plate and remind him that theres no such thing as a free cookie!


For the Founding Fatherly Figure



Keep your fashion as sharp as your dad jokes with these ties.


 Constitution Tie,  Milton Friedman Neck Tie


You can almost taste the freedom from these whiskey tumblers, no matter what you fill them with!

           Constitution & Declaration     Founding fathers whiskey glasses

Keep your toes warm while precinct walking in these don't tread on me dress socks.

For the Pre-Registered Voter


Plus One by Elizabeth Fama, one of our own local Libertarians, Plus one is a young adult fiction novel of an alternate reality where the government decides if you can live during the day or are restricted to permanent night shift. Discussing issues of educational rights, data security, health rights, and more; your young libertarian will enjoy a great story with an understanding of the downfalls of overreaching government.  

FEE offers this beautiful Great Thinkers & Doers Poster with image by artist John Hartwell, featuring 41 of the greatest thinkers and doers of the Libertarian movement, from Mises and Hayek to Cicero and Ayn Rand.   

Fun for all ages, Politicraft Action Civic Card Game is a tool for civic learning and engagement that is done in the context of a fun, action-packed card game.


Start the Spring semester off with these stylish composition notebooks.

For the Little Libertarians


Teach your children the basics of being a good human being with these books written by another one of our own local Libertarians.  Little Libertarians “Don’t Hurt People and Don’t take their stuff” is a great addition to the bedtime story tradition.

Have your little Libertarian ready for those holiday family photos with these Libertarian onesies.


This wonderful book teaches children (and parents) about the origins of the Libertarian Party and what it involves. It’s called the The Libertarian Party Coloring and Activity Book

“The thinking child is not antisocial (he is, in fact, the only type of child fit for social relationships).”

— Ayn Rand, The Return of the Primitive.

Start the Little Objectivist in your life out by picking up A is A: An ABC for Little Objectivists!

Don't let your little libertarian be just a missing puzzle piece; start their questioning of the bigger picture with this tricky anarchy puzzle 

I Know My Rights: A Children's Guide to the Bill of Rights and Individual Liberty contains wonderfully practical examples and colorful illustrations that make this book a "must have" for any little libertarian.

For the Ron Paul Fan Club

This winter you can wear your heart on your sleeve and your dreams around your collar with this Taxation is Theft Scarf.

Wish your loved ones a happy and non-aggressive Christmas with this Ron Paul sweater.


The rest of the year you can wear this End The Fed shirt

Freedom on Fleek!


Let freedom EAR-ring with these libertarian-leaning accessories.

Statue of Liberty Earrings ,  We The People - wood earrings ,  Porcupine Quill Earrings

Carry the weight of political choices on your shoulders with this stylish porcupine purse, often seen carried by our own local chair. With this, there is no concealing your affiliation to the fastest growing political party!

What fashionista doesn't like shiny object-ivism? “It isn’t who's going to let me: It’s who is going to stop me,” says this Ayn Rand cuff bracelet

For the Traveling Libertarian


Don't let the man take your photo without consent! These refractables glasses will prevent cameras from capturing your image.

Keep your data safe while traveling though government facilities with this RFID-blocking passport wallet. Many of these are on the market, but not all of them meet blocking standards. We like this Electronic Frontier Foundation-recommended wallet because they did the research for us!


Wherever you go, bring this pocket leather-bound Constitution with you to help remind people of what their rights are! Win arguments, defend your rights, and keep your liberties close. 

California might not allow you to conceal care, but you can at least be fashionable with this We the People gun holder when out on the gun range. We the People offer constitutional carry holsters for all types of common hand guns.

Whether you're traveling through TSA or speeding through Kings County, carry your important personal items in this 4th Amendment tote bag to remind the Man that the 4th Amendment protects you against unlawful search and seizure. 

For the Well Informed Libertarian

While sipping on your Boston Tea selection from your disappearing Bill of Rights mug, cozy up to this great read! A World History of Tax Rebellions is an encyclopedia of tax rebels, revolts, and riots! 

How to Become A Federal Criminal is a hilarious, entertaining, and illuminating compendium of the most bizarre ways you might become a federal criminal in America—from mailing a mongoose to selling Swiss cheese without enough holes—written and illustrated by the creator of the wildly popular @CrimeADay Twitter account. 

Randal O'Toole is a senior fellow with the Cato Institute specializing in public lands, urban growth, and transportation issues—and a life long rail fan. Randal, however, is the first to tell you that Americans should not subsidize his hobby! Romance of the Rails: Why the Passenger Trains We Love Are Not the Transportation We Need is a deep look at why rail transportation is not the answer to our society’s needs. As California continues to divert taxes to the bullet train, this book will help you understand why this is a bad investment and arm you with the data to argue against it.

For the Picky or Hard to Buy for

The Libertarian equivalent of gift cards, Bitcoin is always good for the indecisive. Buy Bitcoin

Keep connected to one of the last vestiges of national news reporting with a gift subscription to Reason Magazine



Happy Holidays from the LP of SCC!




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