Fresh on the Ballot

The Libertarian ticket continues to grow as we close in on the end of the nomination period.  There are 29 candidates running for office in California as Libertarians and four of those are from right here in the Santa Clara County.  

Kennita Watson will be running against Ro Khanna for US Congressional District 17.  Bob Goodwyn and Robert Imhoff are running for California Assembly in District 24 and 25 respectfully. And Ali Sarsak will be running for California Senate District 10.  In addition we also have two more candidates with libertarian values running for high profile non-partisan positions. Chris Le and Jennifer Imhoff are both running for City Council in San Jose.  Chris Le, who lead Local efforts against the Cities ban on the Vietnamese flag is running in the highly contested District 7. And Jennifer Imhoff is running against progressive Democrat Magdalena Carrasco, who maintains close ties with high profile Democrats Ash Kalra and ex-husband Kevin de Leon, in District 5.  Both Chris and Jennifer hope to bring fiscal responsibility to the 10th largest city in America. San Jose, known for having some of the highest taxes and lowest unemployment rates in the country also has one of the highest deficits as the currently homogenous council continues to approve spending and tax increases.

As we get closer to the primaries, your support is becoming increasingly important.  Donate and Volunteer.  You can do one! If you can do both, even better! A $5 donation, spending just an hour phone banking, or offering website or marketing assistance goes a long way when we each contribute.  Our recently upgraded website now allows you to sign up and volunteer. The Candidate Page will offer you more information regarding our candidates and links to directly donate and volunteer for their campaigns.  


Outside of Santa Clara County, The California governor race continues to heat up as more Democrat and Republican candidates drop off the ballot but the Libertarian party continues to be represented by three candidates.  Nicholas Wildstar, Zoltan Istvan, and newly confirmed, Robert Griffis are each eager to represent the Libertarian party on the ballot. State endorsement of the Governor candidate will be made by LPC delegates at the 2018 LPC Convention, to be held in Long beach this April.  However Wildstar has already obtained the Santa Clara County endorsement along with multiple other county’s earlier this year.


“Nickolas is is a champion of the grassroots effort and is committed to promoting principled solutions on the important issues that affect our citizens of California instead of just party focused issues.” says Jennifer Imhoff, Chair of the Santa Clara County Libertarian Party “Nickolas Wildstar presents a unique balance of perspective that will address both the social concerns of our left leaning citizens and the fiscal concerns of our right leaning.”


Additional candidate endorsements are expected to be announced soon as many are scheduled to be at the March 10th LPC Executive Meeting in Sacramento seeking said party’s endorsement.  This meeting will be live streamed on YouTube for those who cannot make it in person. More information regarding state wide endorsed candidates can be found on the States Website.