Measure M - Voter Guide Statements

Statements appearing in the official county voter information guide:


Argument Against Measure M


Voters should reject this new tax.


Loma Prieta Joint Union School District just put a $164/year per parcel tax increase on the ballot in 2020, promising it would be a temporary, 7-year, stop-gap measure.


You, the voters, rejected that tax increase.


Did the district get the message? Clearly, NO!


Both the 2000 ballot measure and this measure must be paid with district (taxpayer) funds.


Since 2000, nine (9!) tax increases have been on the ballot. In 2018, the district incurred debt which will last until 2052!

Meanwhile, enrollment has declined over 13% since 2017.


Maybe because academics have also declined:


23.66% of students are below grade level in English.

30.06% are below grade level in math.

Source: Ed-Data. org

Conversely, spending has increased to $16,254/student annually—18% above statewide averages.


Expenditures are rising while enrollment and academics are falling!


The district wants to be rewarded with increased taxes—for poor academics!


Do you approve?


It is poor financial management that leaves us facing new taxes every two years and constant appeals for "donations." (Taxes are mandatory; they aren't charitable contributions.)


Parcel taxes are highly regressive—the burden falls hardest on the poorest members of our community. Consider the impact this new $2,784 tax will have on families who struggle financially.


District leadership has demonstrated contempt for transparency and public accountability, and it is irrational to throw more money at them. Consider recent revelations of many tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars spent on investigations and reports that are still being improperly concealed from us.


We can best serve our kids by demanding responsible financial management and by insisting the district focus on excelling at its core academic mission.


You can be FOR schools, FOR students, FOR teachers—and AGAINST Measure M.


Please vote NO on Measure M.


For more information:


Mark W.A. Hinkle
President: Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association

Joe Dehn
Chair: Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County