Mixed Results on Propositions/Measures

[Updated 2 December] With several weeks of counting behind us, election results in California are still preliminary but close to complete. Reviewing the propositions and measures on which the LP of Santa Clara County made a recommendation, it seems that on most subjects the voters agreed with us. Unfortunately, on questions of taxation and bonds (which must be paid back through taxes), for the most part the voters disagreed with us, passing almost all of them.

Voters agreed with us on 7 out of 9 of the non-tax/bond questions on which we took a position (all results shown as yes/no percentages):

Proposition 16, which would have allowed government to discriminate by race, sex, etc., failed 43%/57%.

Proposition 17, which will allow those released from prison to vote, passed 59%/41%.

Proposition 21, which would have allowed more rent control,  failed 40%/60%.

Proposition 23, which would have increased regulation of kindey dialysis clinics, failed 37%/63%.

Proposition 25, which would have eliminated the option of bail for those accused of a crime, failed 44%/56%.

In Los Gatos, Measure A, establishing a finance commission, passed 57%/43%, and Measure B, establishing term limits, passed 82%/18%.

The results were contrary to our recommendations on two questions:

Proposition 24, which increases business regulations in the name of "privacy", passed 56%/44%.

Measure C, adding restrictions on parking in Mountain View, passed 57%/43%.

On questions relating to increasing taxes, the general voter population in most cases disagreed with our position. The LPSCC recommended a no vote on all of these, but with the exception of Proposition 15 and Measures I, L, and N, they all passed:

Proposition 15 (raising taxes on commercial property) failed 48%/52%.
Measure I (SJ-Evergreen CCD parcel tax) failed 62%/38% [needed 2/3].
Measure L (Campbell Union HSD parcel tax) failed 62%/38% [needed 2/3].
Measure N (Loma Prieta JUESD parcel tax) failed 66%/34% [needed 2/3].

Measure E (Santa Clara hotel tax) passed 74%/26%.
Measure F (Milpitas sales tax) passed 60%/40%.
Measure H (San Jose cardroom tax) passed 73%/27%.
Measure K (Franklin-McKinley SD parcel tax) passed 71%/29% [needed 2/3].
Measure M (Fremont Union HSD parcel tax) passed 74%/26% [needed 2/3].
Measure O (Palo Alto USD parcel tax) passed 77%/23% [needed 2/3].
Measure S (Santa Clara Valley Water parcel tax) passed 75%/25% [needed 2/3].
Measure T (Santa Clara Valley Open Space parcel tax) passed 81%/19% [needed 2/3].
Measure RR (CalTrain sales tax) passed 69%/31% [needed 2/3].

Similarly for bonds, where the LPSCC recommended a no vote on all of them, all but one passed:

Measure J (SJ-Evergreen CCD bond) failed 53%/47% [needed 55%].

Proposition 14 (bonds for stem cell research) passed 51%/49%
Measure P (Evergreen ESD bond) passed 56%/44% [needed 55%]
Measure Q (Mount Pleasant ESD bonds) passed 66%/34% [needed 55%]
Measure R (Cambrian School District bonds) passed 61%/39% [needed 55%]