Letter from the Chair

[June 2018]

Fellow Libertarians,

   June 5th is just four days away and the Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County has been busy on all fronts!  This last month we hosted a booth at both the Berryessa Art & Wine Festival, an intimate one-day event in Northern San Jose, and at the Mushroom Mardi Gras, in Morgan Hill.  Both events offered us an incredible amount of exposure. We had many Libertarians stop by to express their excitement to see us out and many non-libertarians who walked away with a positive and educational experience.  One high schooler was excited to take our Quiz and discover she is a Libertarian, she came back the next day with her mom whom also took the quiz, at home, to discover she too is a Libertarian. Both talked with me for quite some time discussing the values we represent and asked to take several quizzes with them to share, including with the student's teachers.  We gave away many buttons to promote the party and many expressed how they sought out our booth after seeing a button on another festival goer. We have several more festivals lined up this summer and I encourage you to check our calendar of events to find one near you.

   Another great event hosted this last month was our exclusive showing of The Little Pink House.  We had over 80 tickets sold to the event but still had some elbow room in the private theater at Century 20 Milpitas.  One of the best parts of a private screening was the absence of previews and ads! But more importantly, we all walked out agreeing it was a great and moving film about the Kelo Supreme Court decision.  Like a Libertarian Titanic, we knew the ending but many of us still found ourselves on the edge of our seats. The Kelo Case is not just a dramatic story to watch with popcorn; it’s something that weighs heavily on our minds as we now anticipate more eminent domain seizures to follow across America.  A new bill, AB3037, would bring back the redevelopment agencies that drove municipalities deeply into debt and regularly abused their power on behalf of developers. This effort should concern every homeowner and business in the state.