Fresh on the Ballot

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County has submitted ballot arguments and signed onto existing arguments prepared by the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association to help educate voters on the issues behind each measure. Unfortunately, due to the lack of transparency from San Jose and other parties involved, the party currently has no stance on Measures B and C. On our website you can now find Santa Clara County ballot measures, with our endorsement lists, and 2018 propositions that the Libertarian Party of California has made notice of.  Keep up to date on the latest election news at


RM 3 Bay Area Toll Authority NO
Measure A Santa Clara City Election Reform YES
Measure B San Jose Evergreen Initiative n/a
Measure C San Jose Urban Sprawl n/a
Measure E Mountain View Los Altos School Bond NO
Measure V Patterson Joint Unified School Bond NO
Measure R Loma Prieta Joint School Bond NO
Measure H Cambrian School Parcel Tax NO
Measure G San Jose East Side Union School Parcel Tax NO



Candidate information has been officially certified, and twenty Libertarians will appear on the ballot throughout California, four of those from right here in Santa Clara County. Counting those Libertarians who are running for nonpartisan office, the LP of Santa Clara County accounts for over 30% of the Libertarian Party effort statewide.

Here is the list of Libertarians who will be on Santa Clara County ballots:

Position Candidate Website LPC Endorsed SCC Endorsed
Governor  Zoltan Istvan    
Governor Nickolas Wildstar  
Lt. Governor Tim Ferreira  
Secretary of State  Gail Lightfoot  
US Senator Derrick Michael Reid    
US Congress District 17 Kennita Watson  Facebook page
CA Senate  District 10  Ali Sarsak  
CA Assembly  District 24  Bob Goodwyn   Facebook page
CA Assembly  District 25  Robert Imhoff
San Jose City Council D5  Jennifer Imhoff  
San Jose City Council D7  Chris Le  


To view the certified list of California candidates click here: 
California Secretary of State 2018 candidates


Stay tuned for more information as we are 59 days away from the Primaries!