Santa Clara Members Attend State Convention

Santa Clara County was well-represented at the Libertarian Party of California's annual convention, held 17-19 February, in Sacramento.

Thirteen members of the county central committee attended this convention. Among them were more than half of the members of the county Executive Committee: Chair Joe Dehn, Vice Chair Mark Hinkle, Campaigns Chair Brian Holtz (not pictured), Fundraising Chair Mary Gingell, and Publicity Chair Elizabeth Brierly.

The LPC holds a convention each year, most commonly in February, to conduct internal elections and other business, with central committee members attending from all across the state. Those from the Santa Clara County central committee made up about 1/10 of the total number of voting members at this year's convention.

Included on the agenda this year were elections for all of the state party officers and most of the other positions on the state Executive. Officer elections were conducted using Instant Runoff Voting (IRV), a form of ranked-choice voting. New state chair Adrian Malagon, from Contra Costa County, was elected on the first pass with a majority of the first-choice votes, 69. followed by 50 votes for "None of the Above", an option allowed in most LP internal elections as a way for members to express disapproval of the actual nominee(s). The remaining positions were mostly uncontested.

The other main business at this convention was consideration of amendments to the LPC's bylaws and convention rules. There were twelve recommendations for changes presented by the Bylaws Committee, plus several others proposed from the floor; some were adopted without changes, some adopted with changes, and some rejected entirely.

For additional details about the business at this year's convention, visit the convention page on LPedia.