San Jose Action Alert - city council voting today on gun tax / insurance ordinance

As a Libertarian voter, you probably don’t like it when governments stomp on taxpayers’ rights.  How about gun rights?  Or both?  Ever wonder what you could do about it?  Here is an action you can take right now to fight for both those rights.

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County opposes San Jose’s so-called gun-harm-reduction ordinance. The city council is in the process of imposing two unconstitutional mandates on legal gun owners:

  1. Requiring them to purchase a gun-liability insurance policy (such policies don’t exist, and of course bad guys won’t comply), and
  2. Requiring them to pay a so-called gun-harm-reduction fee (actually a tax, and an illegal one because it wasn’t put to the voters) to an unidentified nonprofit organization who supposedly will use the funds wisely, and take responsibility for reducing gun harm in the city.

On Jan. 25, they passed it to the consent calendar for the Tuesday, Feb. 8 afternoon session, when they are set to make their final “ratifying” vote on this matter.

Check out the background info, below, and please take one of these two simple actions right now:

1. E-mail the City Clerk with your remarks opposing the ordinance.

Deadline: Tuesday at 10 A.M.

Details: Send your e-mail message to [email protected] by 10 A.M. and your objection will be logged into the public record, with your personal address redacted.  

No time to be eloquent?  If you simply don’t have the time to study the background information (below), at least write that you oppose the ordinance—there’s power in numbers!

2. Use the eComments application to message the City Clerk.

Deadline: Tuesday at 11:45 A.M.

Details: Enter your remarks of up to 500 characters to this form: eComments

In eComments, your e-mail address isn’t required—just your first and last name, your remarks, and your selection of the button for “oppose.”  And, you can see other folks’ remarks already logged there.

No time to be eloquent?  If you simply don’t have the time to study the background information (below), do type “Opposed to gun ordinance” in the comments field, click that “oppose” button and submit—there’s power in numbers!

On the other hand, if you are truly passionate about this ordinance, you may also wish to:

3. Attend the on-line meeting and share your opposition during the public comment period for the item.

Meeting starts Tuesday at 1:30 P.M. 

Details: Join the Zoom meeting at this link: 

To be safe, plan to speak for only one minute (if more time is allotted per citizen, you can embellish.)

To see the status of the ordinance and read previous public comments, visit the legislation page here: Legislation Status

Important note: There’s a chance the gun ordinance could be pulled off the consent calendar and be heard later in the afternoon session, or even the night session. Dial in early so as not to miss announcements about that, and/or watch for such changes to the agenda here: Meeting Agenda


Background information:

Meeting agenda

The ordinance itself (dated Feb. 3)

The city clerk’s memo of June 29, 2021


Thank you!