Happy 50th Birthday!

The Libertarian Party was founded 11 December 1971, and the LP of Santa Clara County celebrated the occasion with a birthday party!

Gathering on a fine Saturday afternoon exactly 50 years later, local Libertarians and guests enjoyed a meal of pizza, salad, and more; caught up with fellow Libertarians who we mostly had not seen in person for almost two years;, welcomed several guests not currently involved in the LP; held a brief business meeting; and shared a birthday cake!

LP history was on display in the form of a year-by-year timeline of the LP of Santa Clara County and a video slideshow of photos and other images.

Also representing LP history in person were two past National Chairs, Mary Gingell and Mark Hinkle (both of whom also are past LPC Chairs), the first California Libertarian candidate for US Senate Bill White (also a past LPC Northern Vice Chair), and other candidates and party officers from across the decades.

Many thanks to our Activities Chair Bob Goodwyn who coordinated the planning for this event, to all the members who contributed the food, and extra special thanks to Brian Holtz and Melisse Lusin for volunteering to host the event at their home in Los Altos Hills. (Brian is also an elected Libertarian, currently serving on the board of the Purissima Hills Water District.)