Fresh Off The Ballot

During the 2018 June Primaries we saw a request for a total of $340 million in school bonds and another $6.7 million in parcel taxes towards schools, just in Santa Clara county. The Santa Clara County Libertarian Party signed off as a co-sponsor on many of these alongside the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association, who led the argument against. One in particular, Measure G in San Jose, was led by us and this also happened to be the only school measure to have failed.

The $49 parcel tax proposed by Measure G might not seem like much of a burden on its own - and it’s for the children. Who says no to children?! But a closer look will show that the residence within the district already pay over $1200/year in special taxes. This is a heavy burden to the already struggling east side residences who are mostly immigrant working class renters. Homeowners rarely absorb these costs and instead pass them onto to their tenants. In comparison, Mountain View residence only pay a little over $300/year in special taxes. That $1200/year is equivalent to most working families school lunch budget. That $49/year could be better spent on school supplies.

So who was it that actually said no to children? The Measure G parcel tax was heavily supported by the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, County Supervisor, Cindy Chavez, The East Side Teachers Association, East Side Vietnamese Parent Association, and the Silicon Valley Organization. These groups wanted to see more money pulled from families pockets to go towards an already well funded school district. Measure G stated that it would “guarantee locally controlled funding needed to protect 21st century instruction” using arguments like protecting science programs and keeping libraries open by assuring the funds “cannot be taken by the state” or used for administrators salaries. While it sounds scary and threatening; these are false arguments. The LP SCC informed voters that they already put in place protections to keep these things from happening. Proposition 30, passed in 2012, assured that the state cannot take funding and proposition 2, passed in 2014, assures that excess taxes go towards schools. The LP SCC also reminded voters of the $905 million dollars in previous bond measures that are still sitting unused by the one district.

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County saw that this measure was not for the children and we stood in opposition even when we knew there were those who would portray us as being against the children. Over the last year the party has grown in membership, community outreach, and in public respect. Enough voters saw that our message resonated with them and voted no on Measure G.  More and more voters are desperately seeking accountability, inclusion, and liberty. They are not finding it in the two traditional parties; including two of San Jose’s own council members

Your local Libertarian party is working harder than ever now to appeal to these voters and let them know that there is a party out there who is willing to challenge the status quo. Yet more bloated spending plans already approved to be on November's ballot we have a lot more work ahead of us. Moving forward the local party is excited to see several Libertarian’s will be on the November Ballot, and some running for School boards, to help continue our message of lowering taxes and increasing accountability. If you are not already a member, now is the time to join the fastest growing political party in California. Both members and non-member are encouraged to attend our events to find out more or volunteer or donate for one of these campaigns.


More information regarding our candidates can be found on our Website.