Featured Candidate: Bob Goodwyn

In a modest corner of Sunnyvale Bob Goodwyn has quietly supported the Libertarian Party for many years.  Recently retired from years as a dedicated pilot, Bob flew for one of the smaller community focused commercial airlines and taught flying lessons for many years out of both Reed-Hillview and Palo Alto municipal airports.  Bob represents all the qualities you want in a pilot, he’s dedicated, calm, calculated with his moves but quick with his mind, and has the kind of voice that can say “turbulence” without making you feel nervous.

That’s exactly what we need right now in Assembly District 24.  The state of California is facing both social and economic turbulence.  The strong polarization of the left and the right has everyone nervous, scared, and making knee jerk reactions when it comes to the policies that our Assembly members are addressing.  Our current assembly looks more like a scene out of a Zucker brothers movie than the deliberated council it should be. District 24 and California as a whole needs a Libertarian to help balance our state and get us back on track.  And Bob Goodwyn is just the man for the job.

Bob recently spoke at the local Golden State 2nd Amendment Council, who met last week. He addressed the room with a humble start, acknowledging that he’s not the typical candidate and faces a long journey ahead of him,  but his commitment to run has already caused an effect. The race started with just the incumbent, Marc Berman a Democrat from Palo Alto, who was looking like he would go unchallenged. But Bob threw his name in the hat, personally walked the precincts and gathered every signature required the old fashioned way - by talking to the constituents. But within 24 hours of the filing deadline Republican Alex Glew drew papers, gathered signatures, and filed in the 11th hour.  As Bob tells the story “Well that already caused the people to get more politically involved then they otherwise would have.” and now the other two parties need to actually work for their votes, something neither the Democratic or Republican parties likes having to do.

The polarization and conflict felt throughout our nation has been greatly focused on the current gun laws. The issue is felt by every citizen regardless of their political party preference.  Bob Goodwyn has a flight plan regarding this major platform issue, agrees we need to stop violence. However, the only way to do that is to take the “gun” out of the statement. During a conversation with campaign supporters at one of the SCCLP events, Bob commented on the recent tragedies and pointed out that the national educational policy of “Zero Tolerance” has left schools with the heavy choice of going to an extreme and expelling, and further isolating, a struggling youth or to “Sweep it under the rug”.   

Bob Goodwyn is one of the first political candidates to make any sense of this tough issue.  And to offer some valuable insight and a positive and achievable approach to solving it that not only maintains our second amendment but also fortifies a community involved approach that anyone from any side of the political spectrum can get on board with.  Violence starts and home and if we want to get gun violence out of our streets, schools, and workplaces we need to stop the violence before it even considers a gun. When it comes to tough issues like these, that divide our communities, we need a Captain Sully not a Maverick to help get us all where we’re going, safely.

Join us in supporting Bob Goodwyn for California Assembly District 24.