2020 Primary

The 2020 Primary Election is coming up in just a few weeks. It's time to get ready!

There are Libertarians on the ballot for several district offices, a presidential preference vote, and many measures that could mean higher taxes. See below for more information on each of these topics.

But first -- are you registered to vote?  Register Libertarian to show your support for our principles and our candidates.


There are new procedures and schedules for voting in Santa Clara County this year.



Candidates Endorsed by the LP of Santa Clara County


Joe Dehn - Libertarian

US House, District 17

[email protected]



Bob Goodwyn - Libertarian

US House, District 18

[email protected]




Kennita Watson - Libertarian

State Assembly, District 24

[email protected]




The LP of Santa Clara County has also endorsed the following independent candidate:

Johnny Khamis - No Party Preference
State Senate, District 15


Presidential Primary Ballot  (not endorsed)


The following candidates seeking the LP's nomination for President will appear on your primary ballot if you are a registered Libertarian voter. You can also request this ballot if you are registered as having no party preference (independent). You cannot request this ballot if you are registered with some other political party.

This listing is for your convenience only. Listing here does not represent an endorsement by the LP of Santa Clara County or any other LP group.  Each name is accompanied by a link to the candidate's web site. Please check what each candidate is offering in the way of positions on issues and other qualifications before you vote.


Recommendations on Ballot Measures

The Libertarian Party of Santa Clara County recommends the following with respect to local measures:

  • NO on Measure E - San Jose Property Transfer Tax (majority vote)
  • NO on Measure G - Foothill-De Anza $898M Bond debt (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure H - Foothill-De Anza Community College District $48 parcel tax (2/3 vote)
  • NO on Measure I - Morgan Hill Unified School District $900M bond (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure J - East Side Union High School District $60M Bond Debt (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure K - Campbell Union High School District $298 parcel tax (2/3 vote)
  • NO on Measure L - San Benito High School District $30M bond (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure M - Moreland School District $80M Bond debt (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure N - Patterson School District $32.5M Bond debt (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure O - Cupertino Union School District $125 parcel tax (2/3 vote)
  • NO on Measure P - Campbell Union School District $98 parcel tax (2/3 vote)
  • NO on Measure Q - Union School District $149 parcel tax (2/3 vote)
  • NO on Measure R - Franklin-McKinley School District $80M bond (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure S - Oak Grove School District $132 parcel tax (2/3 vote)
  • NO on Measure T - Mountain View-Whisman $295M Bond debt (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure U - Berryessa Union School District $98M bond (55% vote)
  • NO on Measure V - Evergreen School District $125M bond (55% vote)


There will also be a statewide bond measure, "Proposition 13".
(No, not the famous Proposition 13! The state is re-using all the old numbers now.)
The Libertarian Party of California recommends a NO vote on this Proposition.