Slogan Fundraiser

The LPSCC is looking for a slogan to help us with our branding and marketing efforts. We want a slogan that can help communicate what being a member of the Libertarian Party means to Santa Clara County. Our committee has worked for the last few months to survey and collect possible slogans and have narrowed it down to the top 5 choices that we feel represent the spectrum of Libertarians within our county.

We want the final decision to be with the members through a fundraising effort. Donations raised through this means will help us fund marketing materials to support the Libertarian message and our candidates through the election season. You are welcome to purchase any amount of votes you want while voting is open.

1. Amount

Vote for your favorite slogan!

Less Government, More Freedom
Individual Rights, Individual responsibility
Socially Tolerant and Fiscally Responsible Local Government
Don't Tread on Anyone
Free Minds and Free Markets

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Contributions are not tax deductible.

4. Payment information

I certify that I am a US Citizen, or have permanent resident status (Green Card), and am authorized to make Political Party contributions to a California Political Party accordance with FPPC and FEC rules.